Wagons at NVR

Goods Vans
We have a significant number of goods vans, many acquired from British Sugar, which have the potential for a sizeable express freight rake
Open Wagons
We have a variety of open wagons and coal hoppers of various eras and origin including LMS, MOD & BR
We have only a small number of tank wagons currently, including an ex-Air Ministry tanker subsequently owned by Esso
Flat Wagons & Containers
We have a selection of flat wagons and a small collection of wooden containers which would have been used on them
Brake Vans
We currently have four brake vans on the railway – three are operational, the fourth awaits restoration
Demonstration Freight Rake
We have a growing demonstration freight rake containing a mix of goods wagons, open wagons and coal hoppers
Civil Engineering Wagons
Our civil engineering department have their own set of wagons, mostly operational, including a working steam crane