2011 – Current: Ex-works wagon portraits

A photographic record of wagons outshopped by the Wagon Group since our formation in October 2011. Most recent images are at the top.


150829 NVR 001 (20)12-ton vans B768248 and B777654. Built by BR at Wolverton, 1952 (B768248) and 1958 (B777654).

Cosmetically refurbished: May-August 2015.


150725 NVR 038LMS Covered Carriage Truck (CCT) No.37071. Built by Metro-Cammell, 1938.

Restored into James Bond “Octopussy” circus train condition and livery with continental style numbering ‘231-8-17’, as per its appearance in the train chase scenes of the movie, which were filmed at the railway in 1982. External restoration completed: April 2015.


NVR 02613-ton open No.4730. Built by Standard Wagon for the MoD, 1963.

Repainted into BR livery as ‘B494730’ as these wagons were a direct copy of the BR diag. 1/044 ‘Highfit’ (both originally had timber plank sides). Returned to full operational condition (complete with replacement floor section): September 2015.


NVR 02513-ton open No.4726. Built by Standard Wagon for the MoD, 1963.

As MoD 4730 above, No.4726 was also repainted into BR livery as ‘B494726’. Returned to operational condition: February 2015.


130915 NVR 039aReplica BR wagon sheet No.’120223′.

Roped over BR ‘Shock’ open B721890 (which carries an authentic tarpaulin bar) since September 2013.


LMS 13-ton open ‘Medfit’ M470944. Built by Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company, 1935.

Body and floor overhaul to be completed.


BR 12-ton van B759852. Built by BR at Wolverton, 1952.

Returned to operational condition: September 2012.


BR 20-ton brake van B953944. Built by BR at Faverdale (Darlington), 1958.

Returned to operational condition after a full rebuild by one of our members, involving a new replica body mounted on a bare chassis (which itself was in a previously poor, derelict condition after suffering a fire whilst en-route to the NVR). After a four-year restoration, it was released into traffic during September 2011.