‘Vanfit’ B786075: Part 1

With the overhaul of the roof and bodywork of van B761651 outside in the yard completed in time for winter, attention has now switched to 1961-built van B786075 in the shed. We intend to work on this van until it can be released into traffic, before bringing the more advanced B761651 into the shed for final mechanical attention to split pins and the like, and completion of minor finishing touches before also being outshopped.

Ply-bodied B786075 requires new doors, but apart from this appears to be in generally good order. We have managed to salvage the existing roof covering by means of a small localised repair, and will give the whole roof a coat of bituminous roof paint in order to prolong its life for as long as possible.

Cleaning and preparation of brake parts continues, and will do so until the brake gear can be reassembled. We anticipate a quick wash and rub down, with a little filler in places, will take care of the majority of the bodywork. Philip has cleaned up the chassis and body ironwork, and has also cleaned back the chassis of  B761651 outside in the yard, ready for painting below solebar level once its own mechanical overhaul is completed.

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