Vanfit B761651: Part 3

With winter now closing in, efforts are being made to complete ‘Vanfit’ B761651 in the yard before it gets too cold and wet to paint. A opportune window of drier weather allowed enough time to complete the overhaul of the body, as seen below…


151115 NVR 043Above: The final previously-prepared side undergoing painting into topcoat…


151115 NVR 046Above: …and then completed, wrapping up the roof and body overhaul in time for the colder and wetter winter months. Apart from the lettering, all work remaining is now focused on the chassis/underframe, namely an overhaul of the brake gear and renewal of corroded split pins, and some new underframe black paint to smarten it up.


151115 NVR 055Above: After completing the topcoat to the van body, my attention turned to cleaning up the headstocks and patch-priming any bare metal…


151115 NVR 058Above: …before giving the whole lot a coat of black underframe gloss. Both ends were completed to the same level as the last of the daylight faded.



IMG_20151118_134459295Above: Newly-restored James Bond “Octopussy” film star, ex-LMS CCT No.37071, has also now been shunted into position in order to serve the railway in its new storage role. It was stood next to the loco prep area for quite some time, so has got quite dirty and could do with a quick wash over! Here we see the van being turned, as the doors only open on one side due to previous structural damage.


Image0902Above: Now parked up in its final location with ongoing preparations for the ‘Santa Special’ trains happening all around, interior works by others are continuing in order to fit out the vehicle for its static support role in the bay platform.

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