Vanfit B761651: Part 2

Work has been progressing with ‘Vanfit’ B761651, with the bulk of the works to the roof and bodysides now completed.

02 Above: Tim and James spent an ambitious session installing the new felt roof covering. The old single-layer felt is being replaced with a new 2-layer felt roofing system, which should allow the felt covering to expand and contract at a different rate to the roof boards underneath. This should help prevent cracks and bubbles appearing in the roof covering (as was the case with the previous stuck-down felt), and will therefore hopefully give a longer lifespan to the roof covering. The 2-layer system should also be easier and quicker to remove when it does eventually become life expired – at least that’s the theory! The first layer is an underlay felt with sealed lapped joints…

01Above: …The underlay is then covered with a capping sheet, care being taken to stagger the joints with those of the underlay underneath, in order to minimise the possibility of water ingress. The roof is very nearly complete – only requiring a little further attention to the seams seen above to finish off.

DSCF4564Above: Philip has now given the remaining body side its last preparatory works, wood hardener and primer being used as required before applying topcoat as soon as we are able.

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