July Roundup

July has again seen progress on several fronts, namely MoD open 4730, and BR ‘Vanfits’ B777654, B768248 and B761651…

150725 NVR 057
Above: The new floor planks for MoD ‘Highfit’ No.4730 were successfully treated with preservative and installed, allowing this wagon to return back to active service and another job off the list.

150725 NVR 059
Above: B777654 received the finishing touches to its cosmetic makeover, in the form of the remaining items of door ironmongery.

150725 NVR 063
Above: Neighbouring van B768248 has also now been finished off, with the corrugated ends receiving bauxite topcoat, and ply patches being installed to the lower bodysides to seal up the holes and provide a paintable surface, which were then primed and topcoated to match the rest of the van.

150725 NVR 061
Above: After some persistent ‘nagging’ via the members’ newsletters, it was good to see that somebody has come forward and started to paint the second-hand bookshop coach to complement our two finished vans next to it. Sadly I am unable to credit the person(s) responsible as I don’t yet know who has undertaken the work, but it can be seen above that this is already making a massive visual improvement in this previously neglected and down-at-heel area. What a difference!

Above: Our new project for restoration to running order, BR ‘Vanfit’ B761651, was brought into the yard recently so work could begin. Unfortunately the side bearing the heavy graffiti was facing our visitors viewing the yard from the platform, therefore not creating a particularly good impression. With this in mind, Philip spent some time obliterating the unwanted ‘paintwork’ with some primer undercoat, so at least it now looks like ‘work in progress’ rather than a target for vandals. He also spent some time cleaning accumulated rust and grime off one side of the underframe. A mechanical inspection is now required before we proceed much further, but the bodywork seems to be sound and so we hope that this vehicle will be at least relatively trouble-free.

In other news, our “Steam Freight” driving and shunting experience with visiting Gresley ‘N2’ 0-6-2T is booking well. I believe there may still be a limited number of places still available, so if you fancy a full-day, ‘hands on’ driving course a little different to the usual offerings, then please check out the details on the Official NVR webpage here. You can even meet the Wagon Group team in person..!

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