‘Vanfit’ B777654: Part 4

Thanks to some solo working from Tim and Philip on different days, ‘Operation Tidy Up’ rapidly progresses towards completion of the first of the vans – BR ‘Vanfit’ B777654. Photos courtesy of Tim Hobman and Philip Halstead.


Above: The new set of ply doors have received a coat of primer, in readiness for being installed.


Above: B777654 has finally regained its identity after many years of fading and flaking paintwork rendering it illegible.


Above: The lettering is now complete to the public platform side, including tare weight, wheelbase, and ‘XP’ markings in the original 1950’s style.


Above: The next day, Philip cleaned up the remaining (western) end of the van, and primed with red oxide.


Above: A few days later, he returned and applied the topcoat, completing the publicly-visible sides of this vehicle (apart from the doors).


Above: This van is beginning to look really quite smart, and the new doors will finish the job off nicely once installed. Quite a transformation when you consider that previously it looked like this: http://www.ws.vintagecarriagestrust.org/ws/WagonInfo.asp?Ref=8210

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