Vanfit B777654: Part 2

We are still awaiting an opportunity to shunt the externally-completed CCT 37071 out of the shed and bring in our next restoration projects. In the meantime, we are continuing with Operation ‘Tidy Up’, this being the cosmetic improvement of some of the box vans in the TPO platform at Wansford:

NVR 150516 053
Above: Whilst attempting to find more economical ways of restoring wagons, we made the mistake of trying to use a paint colour-matching service in a DIY store. As you can see above, this was less than successful! In the mess hut we received a number of comments about Easyjet, Hi-Viz clothing, and Outspan oranges – we cannot imagine why! Lesson learned. However, more successfully, the external door catches were also reinstalled at this point.

NVR 150516 055
Above: One end has been fully cleaned down and primed. Unfortunately the horizontal seams on the ends of this wagon are in quite poor condition, but we are not planning to do much about it for the time being.

NVR 150516 054
Above: New side doors have been constructed and are ready to be installed during our next session.

Above: During the week, Philip returned and eradicated the bright orange with proper BR Freight Brown paint. Much better! We may however use up the remains of the orange on the other (non-public) side.

Above: The western end of the van similarly requires cleaning up, priming and painting. Once this is done and the new doors fitted and painted, this van should look reasonably smart and will receive lettering as a final touch in due course.

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