LMS CCT 37071: Part 26

Some progress has been made with the small final jobs as we push the James Bond “Octopussy” wagon towards completion. Unfortunately by their nature some of these items are not particularly photogenic or interesting in themselves but have been included for completeness!

NVR 150307 005The last areas of rot in the top rail were cut out and new timber installed in their place, and a little filler was applied where necessary to the bodysides.

NVR 150307 006Some fixing loops have been installed to edge of the roof line to provide a secure fastening for the marquee at ‘Santa’ time, seen here in primer.

NVR 150307 010Curved packing strips were added to fill the gap between the top of the end doors and the underside of the roof. All these components above have since been painted up to topcoat.


The stencils for the European-style lettering as carried by these vans for the filming…


…lettering now applied (albeit a poor quality mobile phone photo taken in the dark!) This is as accurate to the vehicle’s livery for the filming as we could manage, we believe at least 90-95% accurate, which is not at all bad considering the severely limited source material we had available, including reference to the film itself.

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