February Steam Gala Roundup

The February Steam Gala seemed to go well, I understand Saturday was the busier of the two days partly due to a poor weather forecast for Sunday (and indeed it turned out to be bitterly cold, and later in the day, persistently wet too…)

NVR 042Above: 4-4-0 No.62712 “Morayshire” was extremely popular during its visit, and ran a number of charters with the ‘blood and custard’ Mk1 coaches and a shortened goods rake. Here it is in an almost timeless view on the Friday evening before the public gala at Peterborough, and very well it looks too, even if these locomotives rarely hauled goods trains in service (although their use on coal trains was not unknown). A pity the weather was somewhat uninspiring, but the participants seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully got some decent shots into the bargain.

NVR 025Above: One of the freshly-painted MoD wagons, specially painted into BR livery in order to bulk out the shortened goods rake and participate in the event and associated photo charters, seen in the daylight.

NVR 045Above: The shortened goods rake in all its glory, front to back: SR brake van No.55550, BR Insulated Banana van B881987, BR Vanfit B759852, SR ‘Highfit’ S5869, BR ‘Shock open’ B721890, MoD ‘Highfits’ 4730 and 4726, and BR standard brake van B954024 bringing up the rear.

NVR 057Above: 0-6-0ST No.1982 “Ring Haw” at the head of the goods rake. On payment of a supplement visitors were able to ride in the rear brake van through the tunnel to Yarwell and back.

DSCF4253Above: “Ring Haw” looks at home as it marshalls the goods train within a few miles of its former stamping ground during its industrial career, serving at Nassington quarry. Our very own “Jacks Green”, sister loco to “Ring Haw”, was in the yard on display so the pair were reunited for the first time in preservation since “Ring Haw” departed for pastures new at the North Norfolk Railway. The two locomotives are named after local woods near Nassington, a couple of miles or so from the NVR station at Yarwell Junction. (Photo courtesy of Philip Halstead).

DSCF4251Above: The unusual ‘country set’ formed for the event, originally intended to be hauled by Gresley ‘N2’ No.1744, which in the end was unfortunately not able to attend the event. This set saw some of the first runs of newly-restored BR Mk1 coach No.4466. As seen above, 0-6-0ST No.22 was substituted for the ‘N2’, although it could be said that the set looked a little incongruous! Maybe next time we can have a vac-fitted van ready to take the place of the 3-plank ‘Medfit’, which would look better in my view. Still, the concept seemed to be successful, and is something that I hope to see repeated at future events. (Photo courtesy of Philip Halstead).

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