Two down, one to go…

Following on from the previous update below, and as hoped, we managed to get an opportunity to repaint the second MoD wagon, No.4730, in time for the February steam gala and associated photo charter next weekend. Both wagons have also been fully lettered and their underframes cleaned and painted to give a very presentable final appearance.

imageAbove: Freshly painted and lettered No.4730 rests in the shed before being formed into the goods rake.

image[1]Above: No.4730 in the foreground, with No.4726 behind, also fully painted and lettered ready for use. A big improvement to our eyes.

image[7]Above: Despite our brief and intense focus on the MoD wagons since the New Year, our continuing project, LMS CCT 37071, has not been forgotten. The end steps are now fully installed, and the locking bar mechanism fitted to both ends. Only a few more working sessions are required to complete this project, and the exterior is now very nearly finished, as seen above. The biggest job left now is fitting-out the interior for storage purposes.

image[8]Above: No.37071 now has whitewall tyres! (As per its appearance in “Octopussy”).

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