LMS CCT 37071: Part 25

An extremely productive working session saw all four Wagon Group working members on site simultaneously – I believe this is a new record for us! Several smaller jobs were ticked off the list, with particular focus on the remaining items of ironmongery that required installation.

NVR 141117 005Above: The ‘here’s one we painted earlier’ original steel door threshold strip was installed in the opening side doorway, to protect the ends of the new floorboards from damage during use. The side ladder, an original item added for the “Octopussy” filming, was also reinstalled at the same time as it shares the same bolts. This will largely be hidden from view when the van is in the platform, but it’s nice to know it’s there as we’re making every effort to exactly replicate the James Bond movie guise of this vehicle in every detail.


NVR 141117 003Above: We continued with fitting the external ironmongery to the ends of the vehicle, including the end door strap hinges, the remaining brackets for the footstep (filming modification), the black personnel door handle (another filming alteration), the angled plates to the top of the doors, and the door locking bar to one end. The end footsteps were cleaned, primed and painted black, to be fitted next time (they are seen here just resting on the brackets). The chains for the retaining pins were repaired and painted ready for fitting (these can just about be seen hanging up to dry at bottom left). The new bolts and screws were painted with topcoat so they blend in nicely with the bodywork, and apart from fitting the chains and the end steps, the ends are now just about complete.

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