LMS CCT 37071: Part 22

This update may have been a long time coming; hopefully you will find it worth the wait as quite a lot of work has been undertaken with some major jobs ticked off the list:


140509 NVR 007

The two ‘kits of parts’ for the end doors, manufactured during our last working session, have been installed to both ends. Fortunately everything lined up exactly as we had planned and no fettling was required. Luck or judgement? You decide!


140509 NVR 012

The view inside the van, now fully enclosed for the first time in about 18 months…



Philip has also now primed both ends, this is the west end. Note the scribed lines to indicate the dummy door edges. This will become clearer once we have cut in the required horizontal lines to form the personnel door and the top ‘framing’ of the ‘doors’.



The east end also primed, plus the partially planked side doors in view have also been primed (photos courtesy of Philip Halstead). The observant among you may also notice that the roof canvas on this side has now been battened down along its length and trimmed to suit, the batten being specially cut to shape to shed rainwater rather than encouraging it to sit against the canvas.



During yet another work session, Tim spent a considerable amount of time during ‘a late turn’ installing the roof batten to the other side. This view is taken just above the central side doors, the strap hinge of which is to the foreground.



After that, he proceeded to prime the roof canvas (completed area to top of photo, foreground yet to do)…



…the completed job, an approximate area of 30 square metres in total. This is a material that readily soaks up freshly applied paint until the paint layers start to build up, so this is the most time consuming coat of paint that has to be applied. Subsequent coats should get easier and quicker each time.



Viewed from the deck of the adjacent ‘Weltrol’ wagon it can be seen that the freshly primed roof and edging strip is looking the part, and the wagon is really starting to come together with the end of the project approaching, albeit not yet fully in sight! (Photos courtesy of Tim Hobman).

A final ‘To Do’ list has now been drawn up, although there are a lot of jobs listed as outstanding, some are relatively minor items so we should be able to cross those off quite quickly and easily. Others tasks, less so! But we are definitely getting there…

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