LMS CCT 37071: Part 21


Further to the previous update, all the woodwork that has been installed has now received pink undercoat, with the exception of the dummy side doors which still require completion (Photo courtesy of Philip Halstead).


140427 NVR 023

The canvas has now been pinned back at the ends, revealing the roof profile again for the first time in several months. This is to enable the end door cladding to be installed over the studwork, with the canvas tucked inside. Like the side doors mentioned above, the end doors will be non-operational replicas to give the correct appearance, but be a lot more weathertight, simpler and quicker to construct.


140427 NVR 025

Most of our work session was spent manufacturing a kit of parts for both ends of the wagon, so although nothing much has visibly changed this week, the next session should show a dramatic visual change relatively quickly and easily if all goes to plan. Here we see both left-hand ‘doors’ stacked on top of each other ready to be fitted, panel lines have since been scribed in to give the appearance of two doors. The offcuts should provide enough material to finish the side doors – just!

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