LMS CCT 37071: Part 20

140329 NVR 002

Few picture’s I’m afraid, but some good progress to report. The remaining timber required to complete the exterior of the van has now arrived, which enabled the framing for the end doors to be constructed at both ends of the vehicle. The framing is ready to receive its timber cladding, which will be indistinguishable in appearance from the end doors previously carried. This will be the last major carpentry work required to the exterior, before painting.


140329 NVR 007

The end door hinges folded into position across the end. We still need to salvage the steelwork to the door leaf second from left, as this is still mounted on the previous doors that have been retained to act as patterns, and is different to the original metalwork in that it is shaped to accommodate a personnel door in the ends as per the James Bond “Octopussy” film.

Since the above photos were taken, Philip has followed on with the paintbrush and about 75% of the van exterior is now painted in pink undercoat, ready for red topcoat once the roof has been fully painted.

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