“Steam Freight” Experience Course and CCT Update

140314 NVR Driving Course 027

We are pleased to report that the “Steam Freight” driving and shunting experience course went well and generally ran to plan, and that all the participants seemed to enjoy themselves and felt the day was good value for money, incorporating 3 return trips from Wansford to Peterborough with the goods rake during the day. Beautiful warm and sunny weather certainly helped proceedings despite a cold and foggy start. A nice Youtube clip can be found at the link below, of the second service of the day leaving Wansford for Peterborough, taken from Wansford signal box.



DSCF3982 - Roof Painting Completed - 5Mar14

Elsewhere, Philip has finished topcoating the ceiling of CCT 37071 and has also primed the drop-down end flaps.


DSCF3981  - Roof Painting Completed - 5Mar14

The ceiling looks much better and has really lightened the interior of the van. That is until we install the end doors! (CCT photos courtesy of Philip Halstead).

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