LMS CCT 37071: Part 19

140216 NVR 012

A couple of work sessions in recent weeks have seen the drop-down ends reinstated on LMS CCT 37071, along with some of the associated ironwork which has been cleaned up, straightened out and painted.


140223 NVR 008

Most of the internal ceiling has now also received a coat of primer, with about two bays remaining to be primed as seen here.


140223 NVR 009

The coachbolts holding the body planking have now been fully tightened up and some of the ironmongery has been installed and primed as part of this process – the photo above is of one of the restraining pins that stops the drop-down end section opening of its own accord!


140223 NVR 015

A good start has been made on the dummy side doors, with a packing structure made from salvaged timber installed to the bodyside, and a start made on final cladding with only a little more work required to complete. Unfortunately we have now run out of these cladding planks so cannot progress the remaining doors until a few more arrive, although there are plenty of other jobs to be going on with for a little while yet.

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