LMS CCT 37071: Part 17

140111 NVR 006

Further to our previous update, we finished planking and bracing the doors. It’s amazing how much weight three short planks add!


140111 NVR 010

The doors were offered up and fitted well enough to be installed on to the hinges. A cumbersome and awkward job, but fortunately it went right first time. Here we see the first door fitted, with the second about to be lifted up into place.


140111 NVR 012

An interior view showing the pair of doors in place, showing the new bracing.


140111 NVR 013

A shot at the end of the day, doors in place and securely fitted ready for final fettling.

Additionally, all the old flaking paint to the underside of the roof has now been scraped off – another job off the list. A good start has also been made on derusting and priming the roof hoops (approximately 25% completed so far).

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