LMS CCT 37071: Part 15

A relatively short website update this week, in direct contrast to the number of hours worked and the difficulty of the job completed. Further to the previous update, the roof has now received its new canvas.


131110 NVR 030

The canvas laid out on the roof, ready to be rolled back for the bonding solution to be applied directly to the roof boards. Being a very large area and heavy, inflexible fabric, this is quite a task even to get it to this stage.


131110 NVR 035

The canvas was rolled back, one (longitudinal) half of the roof at a time, then bonding solution was applied before the canvas was laid back down on top of it. We did our best to stretch out any creases, but the sheer area of the roof and less than ideal working conditions made this difficult. Seen from ground level at the end of the day, the edges will be trimmed and folded round as necessary once the bonding solution has had a chance to dry out and adhere a little. Whilst not perfect, we’re reasonably happy with the result, but mostly pleased that this large and long-outstanding job is now completed.

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