LMS CCT 37071: Part 14

131103 NVR 029

The moment of truth… the time had come to strip off the old roofing felt and see what state the timber boards were in underneath. From the underside of the roof we weren’t expecting any horror stories, but as with any restoration, you never know what you’ve got until things are stripped down to a bare state. Fortunately no rot was lurking in this area where the felt had come away.


131103 NVR 030



131103 NVR 031



131103 NVR 038


We were delighted to find the roof timbers in excellent condition which means repairs will not be necessary before installing the new canvas, saving time and cost. The photo above is somewhat misleading, as this is a big area which somehow looks a lot smaller in photographic form!

In parallel with this work, Philip has been working hard on the interior, scraping the old flaking paint off the underside of the roof prior to painting – he has prepared approximately two-thirds of the area so far.

It is planned to hold another working session very shortly to install the new canvas before winter. Once the roof is laid and painted (many, many times), the back of this rather large project is well and truly broken, with only doors, painting, and internal jobs left to complete.

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