LMS CCT 37071: Part 13

The CCT continues to make progress in the shed. With recent working sessions being concentrated on planking the body sides, the sheer bulk of this van is now beginning to re-emerge.


131012 NVR 010

During the Diesel Gala in mid-October, we completed planking the north side. The planks were primed before installation, to be followed by undercoat and topcoat after completion of the roof (we don’t want to spoil the finish by dripping roof paint down the sides). It may also be seen that the north side of the chassis has now received black underframe gloss paint.


131012 NVR 011

A closer view of the north side; note we have blanked over the central side doors to provide greater structural integrity at this point, where the top rail structural timber has been repaired as part of this restoration. Dummy doors will be installed over the blank panel in the centre, so externally there will be no visual difference.


131012 NVR 012

Work also progressed on planking the southern side, although since this photo, the whole side has now been completed. As is just about discernible in this shot, an effort has been made to start scraping back the old flaking paint to the interior of the roof (top right).


131005 NVR diesel gala 013

An interior shot of the new NVR sauna, before the bottom planks were installed. The partition wall has been constructed to one side of the central double doors, to create a separate store room. This wall serves to brace the top rail structural repair work mentioned earlier (the new structural timber cut into the old top rail can be seen in situ behind the bare studwork, prior to cladding).

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