LMS CCT 37071: Part 2

130126 NVR 014

After some time away from the railway over the Christmas and New Year period, we got reacquainted with ex-LMS CCT 37071 which continues to undergo stripping as the first stage of its cosmetic restoration.


130126 NVR 028

The remaining lower bodyside planks were removed, enabling access to properly clean and paint the structural steelwork – it is hoped this can be progressed in stages over the coming weeks and months. Note the remains of the end step (between the buffers), added for the “Octopussy” filming – this is to be retained on the vehicle for display.


130126 NVR 027

All the long side panels have now been stripped back to the bare framework, leaving only the doors to be removed.


130126 NVR 029

By early evening the side doors on the south side were also brought down safely.


130126 NVR 035

At close of play the second set of side doors had also been removed, leaving just the end doors to go. Note another filming modification, the horizontal tie-bars between the nearest diagonal stanchion, all of which will be retained on this restoration project.

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