LMS CCT 37071: Part 1

121208 NVR 011

The patient awaits… ex-LMS ‘CCT’ (which stands for Covered Carriage Truck, a vehicle designed for carrying motor vehicles and also used for parcels traffic) in the shed at the start of our most recent working session.


121208 NVR 020

The interior looks very sorry for itself. Note the absence of gorilla costume…


121208 NVR 022

Some hours of hard work saw the long panels either side of the door on the south side stripped of their timbers.


121208 NVR 028

After a short break, another of the long side panels on the north side was stripped, the interior now looking like this at the western end.


121208 NVR 031

At the end of the day the van looked like this. Three of the four long side panels have been removed, leaving one more to go, plus the end and side doors. Another solid work session should hopefully see most of the remaining wood stripped, ready for cleaning and preparation of the steel framework for the body. The timber for the roof is being left in situ for the time being, as it is hoped the wood is in good enough order under the existing felt to be reused. However we will not know for sure until we remove the felt in preparation for new roof canvas. The end doors will be retained to act as a pattern, allowing new ones to be made to match, as we are aiming to restore this van to “Octopussy” appearance for its static role at Wansford.

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