Van B759852: Fit to run!

Van B759852 has finally received its ‘white square’ status, which means it is now passed to run on the railway proper. This is in no small part thanks to Dale from the Carriage and Wagon staff, who massively helped us out by undertaking a last minute repair discovered during its ‘fitness to run’ inspection – many thanks to him for this!

A couple of photos of ‘Medfit’ M470944 and B759852 making their way down to Peterborough (Nene Valley) and being marshalled into the freight train can be found on my unofficial NVR blog here.

B759852 makes its first appearance after restoration at the Steam Gala of 22nd/23rd September. Soon after this event it is hoped to add a ‘gallery’ section to this website, with a portrait of each wagon added as they are outshopped – watch this space!

Don’t forget the brake van rides at the Steam Gala – these are unfortunately limited to over-16’s only, and available only by pre-booking (here) at the present time, as this is something of a first at NVR. The near full-line trips from Wansford to Orton Mere (or the other way around on Sunday evening) perhaps offer the best value for money, and what better way to enjoy the Nene valley than from the open veranda of a brake van? On all the brake van trips, Wagon Group volunteer Tim Hobman is rostered to be Guard, so this is an ideal opportunity to directly find out about the group and our work on the freight stock at the railway.

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