Wagon Works: Part 6

Van B759852 now sports rainstrips on the roof above the doors (originally fitted to prevent rainwater cascading in front of the doors when opened for loading and unloading), and has also now received its penultimate coat of paint to the roof. The curved rainstrips are seen here painted in primer, before the whole roof was given (yet another) coat of dark grey paint.


The opportunity was taken to rub back and apply grey undercoat to the previously-primed area on the end of our fall-back project, “Esso” tank No.1914.


The new planks for the end of ex-LMS ‘Medfit’ M470944 are now topcoated, ready for drilling and fixing on to the wagon.

In between showers on a rather wet day, the old paint on one of the long sides of the ‘Medfit’ was sanded right back. The metalwork still needs to be needle-gunned and/or wirebrushed, before applying primer over the whole job. The long planks on the other side are completely rotten and will have to be replaced with new material, but this shouldn’t be a difficult job once the timber is in stock. We hope to progress the works to this wagon far enough to allow it to be used in the demonstration goods train at the NVR Steam Gala on 22nd/23rd September, alongside newly-restored van B759852, but cannot make any guarantees at this stage.

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