Wagon Works: Part 5

The new roof canvas of ‘Vanfit’ B759852 has received another coat of undercoat, but as one coat of grey paint looks much like another, no photo!

A little more work has also been undertaken on ex-LMS ‘Medfit’ M470944. The photographs below are all courtesy of Wagon Group volunteer Philip Halstead, taken on his phone:


The ‘good side’ has been scraped back and requires sanding before painting. As can be seen on the completed end woodwork in the foreground, this vehicle (like all wagons we are restoring) is being restored to a ‘working finish’ rather than exhibition standard – whilst any rotten timbers are removed and rust dealt with, we are not conducting ‘ground up’ restorations such as that undertaken on immaculate BR 20T standard brake van B953944.


The ‘good side’ viewed from the other end before repainting from LMS ‘bauxite’ livery, to BR. One of the prepared end stanchions, ready for their new boards, is also in view. The new end timbers are already cut and primed, and after topcoating will be ready to bolt straight on.


The ‘bad side’… rotten, soft wood. These three long planks will all be removed and replaced with new, provided by the owner of this vehicle.

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