Wagon Works: Part 4

The new roof canvas on ‘Vanfit’ B759852 has now received its first coats of primer and undercoat, after having the long sides of the canvas fixed down with metal strip.


The restored end roof hoops have also now been reinstalled, giving the van a completed appearance. Several more coats of paint are now required to the roof to fully seal and weatherproof it.


The plan was then to work on the ex-LMS ‘Medfit’ M470944 for the rest of the day. Unfortunately it is now temporarily being used to store waste materials in the yard which is less than ideal when we are trying to undertake restoration work on the vehicle. It was also located directly adjacent to the excavations and preparatory works for the new locomotive inspection/preparation pit which we are delighted to see is now underway! So we thought it best to stay out of the way for the day and drop on to our fall-back project, the repaint of “Esso” oil tank No.1914. As time was short, we restricted ourselves to removing the old paint from the top half of one end, in the process uncovering its old Air Ministry number, 804.


After a quick wire brush, anti-corrosive primer was applied ready for undercoat next time. Eventually the plan is to make this tank wagon a proper running vehicle in the demonstration goods rake, but before this can happen another tank (No.5181) will need to take its role as loco washout tanker, resident in Wansford yard. Unfortunately this also requires cosmetic restoration – although we won’t be anywhere near as thorough as we have been on this tank – our work never ends!

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