Wagon Works: Part 3

As the new roof canvas for B759852 did not arrive in time for our planned working session, we had to re-jig our plans for the day and so began work on ex-LMS ‘Medfit’ M470944, which only needs a small number of rotten side planks replacing and new paint to be presentable (although the floor also needs replacing longer-term). This wagon will be a fill-in job for each working session on ‘Vanfit’ B759852; after application of a fresh coat of paint to the new roof canvas on the van (several coats required), the rest of the day will be spent on the ‘Medfit’. It is hoped and planned that the restoration of both these vehicles will be completed in time for the NVR Autumn Steam Gala, enabling their use in the demonstration goods rake at this event.


The three rotten end timbers were removed, the application of a blowtorch allowing the bolts to be removed relatively easily for re-use where possible.


The metal stanchions were then rotary wirebrushed back to bare metal and primed. The replacement timbers were also cut to size and put under cover to dry out, as they had been previously kept in the open.


Later we were able to apply ‘BR Freight Brown’ topcoat, giving the metalwork full weather protection…


…and the other end was sanded back and also treated to a coat of BR ‘fitted’ brown.


Whilst the painting materials were out, the opportunity was taken to apply underframe gloss black to the headstocks. Some tidying-up of the lower edge of the BR brown will be required once the black has dried, this will be done next time.

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