Vanfit B759852: Part 8

New member Philip spent a working session stripping the remaining old paint off the bodyside with a hot air gun, and a good start was also made on wirebrushing the metalwork. The considerable effort being expended on the preparation of this side should leave a good paint finish, although we are formulating new working methods to speed progress on future vans!


Some time was spent improving the end shunter’s chalk boards with exterior wood filler. Study of photographs from the BR steam era show that in practice these were rarely used, and destinations were often chalked on the doors or bodyside instead. 


Wood filler was also applied to any knots, gouges or splits in the timber whilst the remaining metalwork was wirebrushed. Here we see the primer starting to go on to the panel to the left-hand side of the doors.


The previously primed bodywork to the right-hand side of the doors also saw attention with the filler where necessary…


…and patch painted with primer once dry.


The north side is now finally ready for brown topcoat, once the doors have had their latches and protective plates added. The chalkboards were also given a coat of blackboard paint, and now look the part.

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