Vanfit B759852: Part 6

Thank you to all who have supported us since our article appeared in the latest “Nene Steam” magazine. There have been some kind monetary donations which will go towards a new roof canvas for this van and a new working member, Philip, has stepped forward and made very good progress on the slow job of stripping back the old paint on B759852.


It can be seen in the view above that another good working session will hopefully see the last of the old paint removed, and much (if not all) of the metalwork derusted, ready for primer.


To the right of the doors, the paint on the woodwork has now been completely stripped. Unfortunately we have spotted rot on another plank (third from top) so this will need to be removed and replaced with new. The bolts have already been cut in anticipation of this task, which we have down to a fine art! We are now very close to painting this section, once the small remaining area of unpainted metalwork has been rotary wire-brushed.

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