Vanfit B759852: Part 5

Over the last week or two a shunt took place to remove the BR Mk1 SK from the carriage shed, and replace it with the last SNCB (Belgian) coach that requires body overhaul. This gave us a golden opportunity to rearrange some of the wagon stock at Wansford to enable restoration work to take place when we are ready.


The two BR ‘A-type’ containers on the LNER hopper chassis have taken the place of B759852 on the ‘public side’ of the C&W siding. We are aware that these look pretty terrible at present, but it is hoped work can start on them before too long. The BR insulated banana van is also on the C&W siding, which could do with a little attention to its bodywork once B759852 is complete. It is also hoped that a BR ‘Palvan’, a long-term out-of-use wagon resident at Wansford near the signal box, will find its way on to the C&W siding for restoration to running order over a longer time period.


In direct contrast to the containers, B759852 is starting to look pretty good as it is shunted around, offering a taste of the near future when we will be able to add this van to the demonstration goods rake. Also seen here is Fowler ‘4F’ which has now returned to the NVR from winter maintenance work at Llangollen Railway.


Work continues on the north side of this van. We are pleased to report that all the timber repairs are now complete, bar bolting on the final three planks which should only take half an hour or so.


Paint stripping with a hot-air gun continues (top right corner). We are making more of an effort to get a better finish on this side of the van (the other side was only scraped back and repainted over, as it was not originally intended to make this van a running vehicle – although the finish is acceptable.) B759852 is seen here coupled to B953944, hopefully the next time they are seen together B759852 will look just as smart!


The stripped area was painted with primer, in failing light. It is hoped to move this van into the shed imminently, in order to replace the roof canvas which has come away in several places exposing the roof boards to the elements. Internally we can see no signs of rot, so we hope we will have got it under cover in the nick of time.

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