Wagon Works: Part 1

This week we undertook a particularly important task: weatherproofing BR ‘Vanfit’ B778019 as much as possible. This van, located at Ferry Meadows station, is in something of a precarious state as can be seen in the photo above. It has been without a roof for several years and has been deteriorating, so it was an early priority for at least some kind of temporary weather protection. The recent re-roofing of a stores van at Wansford meant a suitable heavy-duty tarpaulin was now available for the purpose, at no cost to the railway/group.


A ridge beam, using salvaged timber, was lashed into place to help prevent the tarpaulin from sagging, which allows rain water to pool and pour into the van.


The ‘new’ tarpaulin in place, which it is hoped will keep the worst of the winter weather out, and allow the currently saturated interior to dry out a bit.


With emergency works completed, work resumed at Wansford on ‘Vanfit’ B759852. The rotten planks on the right-hand end were removed in preparation for new timber…


…which was cut to length and pushed into place. The boards have been left in such a way to close the gap at the bottom; a thinner width board will need to be cut to fill this, but as can be seen in the photo the last of the light had gone and it was time to call it a day.

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