Vanfit B759852: Part 1

The first wagon project to be tackled by the new Wagon Group is the restoration of BR Vanfit B759852. One side and the ends have already been cosmetically restored as seen above, as documented on the unofficial NVR blog, “A Personal View of the NVR”.


Now it has been decided to make this van a running vehicle, attention has turned to the other side. The bottom planks require replacement with new timber, and new doors are required as the existing doors are falling apart. All the coach bolts holding the planks and doors in place were cut off using a disc cutter and hammer and chisel.


The door metalwork was cleaned up with a wire brush…


…and painted with primer. Flexible boarding was temporarily installed to keep the van weathertight until the next working session. A broken weld, fixing the diagonal brace to the door hinge on the right-hand door, requires attention.

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